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  Self-taught jailhouse lawyer

  Fred Cruz challenged the

  constitutionality of prison

  conditions in Texas in the 1960s.

  His extraordinary battleto expose

  the sanctioned brutality of life in

  prison and strike down rules that

  blocked prisoners from legal

  representation blazed the path to

  state prison reform.

• 2008 SxSW Official Selection

• 2008 PBS airing on “Independent Lens”


  Juxtaposes the “philosophy” of 

  incarceration with the daily reality

  of life in prison to tell an important

  story about power, justice and the       

  American prison system. It reveals

  the complex relations between              

  correctional officer & inmate,

  where even the delivery of a food tray            

  becomes a contest of power & control.

• Aired on APT - American Public


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