Long Gone

  The promise of freedom is as romantic

  as a Beat Generation travelogue, but real

  life for the train hoppers is far from ideal.

  They have run-ins with family members and

  police; they pick food from trash cans; and

  way too many are alcoholics and addicts.

  Long Gone poignantly captures a

  marginalized homeless group and shows

  that the yearning for community doesn't

  change much from person to person, even

  if the definition of community does.

• 2003 Slamdance Film Festival

   Winner Best Documentary

• 2003 HBO Producer Award

   Best Documentary Feature

Test of Courage

  Follow a group of dedicated young men

  and women from diverse backgrounds

  pursuing their quest to become firefighters.

  As they meet the intense daily pressures

  of saving lives and the realities of living

  and working in a culturally diverse society,

  will these new firefighters learn to trust

  each other with their own lives?

• 2000 Houston International Film            

   Festival Bronze Medal Winner

• 2000 PBS airing on “Independent Lens”

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