China Blue

  Go inside a blue-jeans factory where

  Jasmine and her friends are trying to

  survive a harsh working environment.

  But when the factory owner agrees to a

  deal with his Western client which forces

  his teenage workers to work around the

  clock, a confrontation becomes inevitable.

• 2005 Toronto International Film

   Festival Official Selection

• 2005 IDFA (Amstrdm)   Winner:

   DOEN/Amnesty International

   Human Rights award & nominated for

   The Joris Ivens award

• 2007 PBS airing on “Independent Lens”

A Dream in Doubt

  When Rana Singh Sodhi’s brother is killed

  in America’s first post-9/11 revenge

  murder, he begins a journey to reclaim his

  American dream and fight the hate that                

  continues to threaten his community.         

  This intimate documentary of one man’s

  odyssey proves that courage and hope

  have the power to overcome hate.

• 2007 AZ International Film Festival

   Best Feature Documentary

• 2007 SlamDance Film Festival

   Grand Jury Honorable Mention

• 2008 PBS airing on “Independent Lens”

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Manuel Tsingaris

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