Manuel has been an editor for twenty years. His experience ranges from documentaries and commercials, to music videos and magazine style programming.  He has a fully portable FCP system running on the newest Apple Laptop and will relocate for a project.

Some of his recent projects include:

“The Storm that Swept Mexico”, a 2 hour film scheduled to air on PBS in 2011, this film tells the gripping story of the Mexican revolution of 1910; its causes and legacy.

“Writ Writer”, a story about a jailhouse lawyer who from behind bars in the 1960's brought about statewide change in the unconstitutional practices of the TX penal system.

“A Dream in Doubt”, follows a Sikh man's journey to find peace and justice after his brother is killed four days after 9/11.

"China Blue”, a documentary on globalization and the exploitation of cheap labor in China.

“Long Gone” a documentary about modern day hobos.

“Test of Courage: The making of a Firefighter”, follows a group of cadets as they struggle to become part of the Oakland Fire Department.

Manuel was also a contributing Editor on the critically acclaimed mini documentary series, “Life 360”, a co-venture between ABC/Nightline and PBS.

Freelance Editor

Manuel Tsingaris

1(415) 310-2404

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